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How to make a mai tai cocktail

The first Mai Tai cocktail was made in 1944 by Victor Bergeron. He made it for some of his friends from Tahiti. One of his friends cried out “Mai Tai – Roa Ae” after tasting the unusual drink. This phrase meant that the drink was very good and Bergeron came up with a great idea for a name of his new invention. The Mai Tai cocktail is very popular nowadays too. It is served in most of the restaurants and bars all over the world.
The Recipe
           Over the years the original recipe for the cocktail has changed. The most commonly used recipe includes one ounce of light rum, as well as the same amount of dark rum and lime juice.Next you will need half an ounce of orange Curacao, orgeat syrup and a little bit of simple syrup. You can use a cocktail shaker in order to mix all of the ingredients. You can add some ice too. When you are serving the Mai Tai, use lemon and fresh mint to decorate it.
Enjoy Your Mai Tai


This is an extremely easy and quick way to make a Mai Tai cocktail. It is perfect for any occasion. Your friends will be very impressed if you surprise them with this great drink the next time they come over for a visit.

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